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A Little Paint Goes A Long Way! 

Okay so I needed to downsize my boys room by taking out their larger long dresser and the nightstand and swap it with a taller dresser. They're older now and are in desperate need of more room for their huge wall unit desk and their twin beds.

I had painted their set a bright colbolt blue back when they were littles. Since this set will be going to my shop, I chose to give it a makeover with some Country Chic Paints. Let's be honest boys are rough and it was not in the best shape after years of them using them.

As you can see they are gorgeous now! Oh and silly me forgot to take a before picture, sorry! 🙈 I'm trying to be better about that, but I'm a busy lady, plus I get to excited and just jump right in to projects.

The pieces got two coats of Country Chic's Driftwood which is a brownish gray. After I completed my base coat of Driftwood, I dry brushed them with the color Simplicity which is a bright white.

Country Chic Paints are All-In-One Paints, meaning you do not have to seal them. I chose to stop here, and leave them with matte a finish.

Oh, by the way, I started with a 16 oz. can of Driftwood, which covered these two pieces with two coats of paint. The best thing is I still have 1/3 of the paint left over for more projects. As for Simplicity I used less than 2 Tsp. to dry brush them.

If you look through my past blog posts you'll find a detailed post on how I did a similar paint technique. This technique will create a yummy texture and add depth.

If your interested in adopting these orphans, or purchasing Country Chic Paints, they're available in my shop located inside Kings Antiques And More.

Thank you for reading my newest blog post! I'm excited to put out more content for you! I hope I inspired you to start your own painting projects!

Lots of love!

❤ Leigh

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