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Centerpiece Planter

Wow! Can you believe it, it's been a long minute since I've posted a blog post.

Here we are, this year and last year has been a doozy, NO JOKE! 😅 So many ups and downs because of Covid. I know we're all tired of talking about that, and I definitely won't. Thankfully the last few years have been a blessing to our family. With that came so many things that needed my attention, and sadly I didn't keep up with the blog, because back then, something had to give and this was it. But here we are, I've closed my physical store location and opted to go 100% online, exciting right!?! This gives me so much more time to focus on our family, finish some long overdue projects and will allow me to go a new direction with my business.

So buckle up, because I've got so many new ideas I'm ready to share. I'm just so stinking excited! 🎉

Now, for many reasons, my dining room has been a challenge for me to complete. I have legit, redecorated it 2-3 times in the last 10 years. 🤦‍♀️ I never was extremely happy with how it looked. But I decided the week I closed my shop, I was going to jump on this problem and grab it by the steers

While I'm not 100% ready to reveal the changes I made to the dining room just yet, I am ready to share one of the small project, I completed for the dining table centerpiece.

Here's what I needed to complete this planter centerpiece.


Plants of your choice

Large planter bowl

Appropriate potting mix

Drainage materials

Now I chose whale fin, snake plants because they can tolerate low light and are relatively easy to care for. Since I chose a snake plant, I'm also using cactus potting mix by Miracle Grow. I'll be planting five snake plants in this terracotta planter bowl. Isn't that planter amazing! I found her at a estate sale, but no worries, if you want one similar, I saw one at Home Depot, when I was picking up soil. Or better yet check your local estate sales, thrift store or yard sales for the perfect planter.

First, I wanted to make sure I had some kind of drainage substrate. This could be river rocks, packing peanuts, lava rock, you name it, you can likely use it. Line the bottom of your pot with whatever your going to use.

Next, we'll add a bit of soil to your pot, not to the rim though, we've got to leave room for our plant babies.

Gently, loosen your plants from their nursery pots, then loosen the root ball so that they are not too tightly bound. Now arrange them in the pot as you'd like them. Add more soil so that you cover the roots and fill the container up to about an inch below the rim. This will allow water to stay within the pot and not spill out. Don't forget to firmly press the soil around the plants, we want them snug within their new home. Now would be a good time to water.

Next, I chose to go an extra step and add white gravel to make it more appealing to the eye. Although this is not required in the least. Now that was fun, there's something to be said about sticking your hands in dirt and connecting with Mother Earth, SO RELAXING!

Here she is on display in her new resting place! Perfect right! This was just what my table needed, a organic, earthy feel. ❤

I strongly encourage you to use plants in your home as decor. Not only are they relaxing to look at, they clean the air and bring good energy to a space. 🥰

Wouldn't a planter like this be beautiful with a variety of succulents in all shapes, and colors! This is an easy project, allows you to be creative, and a great stress reliever! So don't be scared, go out and adopt a new plant baby!

I want to add a little disclaimer, some plants are poisonous to children and pets. I have both, but luckily, my kids are old enough and fortunately my cats are not interested in this particular variety of plant.

However they love plants that are floppy and bouncy, so this is another reason I chose this variety of plant. Do your research before adopting a plant, make sure you can give them their light requirements, and water needs. Choosing succulents, are great beginner plant for newbie plant parents.

I hope you enjoyed following along with me! I have plenty more blog posts coming, so keep an eye on our site for more exciting ideas.

Blessed be!

❤ Leigh

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