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Completed Dining Room Makeover

Finally we're here at this moment, everything's done. Are you ready to finally see what it all looks like? Great, because I'm ready to show you! I will include links for items where I can, although this definitely not sponsored.

Those board and batten walls really elevated this room! Other than the walls, the chairs and buffet received a new paint job. For the moment we are utilizing these chairs until I find the perfect replacements, so updating them with paint was the next best option. We used Country Chic Paints in the color Vanilla Frosting. The table got a new runner I picked up at a discount store but it is from Target. While not super new, we did pick up this chandelier recently from Wayfair.

Here we have the centerpiece planter I wrote about in blog post recently. You can pick up a similar planter from Home Depot. I believe, I also got the whale fin, snake plants their too. I really do love this as a centerpiece, way better than the artificial one we had earlier.

As I mentioned earlier we did give the buffet a makeover too. I gave her a new paint job and added new hardware (from Hobby Lobby), along with the vintage rattan in place of the glass windows.

We picked up this mirror from At Home, not a bad price for the size if you ask me. This lamp is way over the top and I love that! The peacock lamp and shade are from World Market.

These beautiful frames are from Target, and the prints are from an Etsy shop named Jeslivan.

The paint colors for the wall are Universal Khaki and Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

The wall pocket planter is also from World Market and a great price too! The amber glass bottle are from a second hands shop, although they mimic vintage they are now. This beautiful wood carving, I picked up from an estate sale, definitely one of my prized possessions.

Just so it hits home how much a change this was to the dining room, this is the before! Wow right, not that this way was wrong, but I needed a change and I definitely wanted that board and batten. Funny how one idea is a jump off, to so many more ideas.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read all of this. It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I love it and that's all that matters. Even I want to tweak a few things but it takes time to find the right pieces, a budget and you shouldn't rush everything. The most important pieces are there, and I'll build on that more as time goes on.

Again thank you and have a blessed day!

XOXO -Leigh

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