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DIY Painted Flower Pot With Country Chic Paints

Learn how to make this beautiful DIY painted flower pot with Country Chic Paint.

Seriously, painting this DIY couldn't be any easier, it's quick, inexpensive and a perfect gift! I love using Country Chic Paints and this was the perfect time to break out my paints. I painted these pots for a Mother's Day gift, but you could gift them for a housewarming or birthday gift.

Customize your pots with Country Chic Paints.

Here's what you will need:

- Paint Brush

- Any Flower Pot

- Your Favorite Country Chic Paint Color

- Country Chic Natural Wax & Antiquing Wax (Optional)

- Old T-shirt Rag (Optional)

Country Chic Paint - Rustic Charm

For this pot I chose Country Chic ''Rustic Charm'' in their 4oz. sample size. Rustic Charm is a beautiful bright spring green. Here you can see how little paint I added onto my brush, a little goes a long way. Their paints are all-in-one, Clay based, self priming, eco-friendly and will leave a beautiful matte finish. They also dry fast, making most projects quick.

As you can see here, I started painting the bottom with thin layer of paint. Once I painted the bottom I was able to pick up the pot and paint the remaining side. Because clay pots are absorbent and the paint drys fast, I was able to put it on its bottom and finish the top, all in a matter of minutes.

One coat of Country Chic Paints Rustic Charm.

All this flower pot took was just one layer of paint! Amazing right! Now you could stop here if you wanted and pop your plant in and be done. But I want to take it a bit further and give it a aged look with wax.

Country Chic Natural Wax

While it looks great, I wanted to tone down the brightness of this paint just a smidge. So I chose to add our antiquing wax, but before we can add antiquing wax I need to start with out Natural Wax.

Now this part is simple, I took my t-shirt rag and applied a small amount all over the pot in a circular motion. Once I had it completely covered I removed the excess wax with the clean side of my rag. Buff until it no longer feels sticky!

Here is our pot with the natural wax applied

Now you may be wondering why I needed to use the natural wax first instead of only using antiquing wax. The simple answer is that chalky finish paints will absorb wax you use and it's hard to remove them once they've been absorbed into the paint. Natural wax will allow me to control how dark I want the antiquing wax to be once applied.

Now it's time to apply our antiquing wax by Country Chic Paint. You will just want a dab of this on your rag to apply to the flower pot. Again a little will go along way.

Now apply your antiquing wax all over your pot, once you have full coverage we'll wipe back any excess we want to remove. Wax creates a nice satin shine and helps seal your work and will be fully cured within.

As you can see with antiquing wax applied it had toned down the bright green and deepened the color just a shade. Pretty right, and like that, we're done!

Country Chic Paints are fun to play with and there a million different ways to create new looks with their paint. So have fun, and experiment to try out new ideas. This project would be a great way to keep the kids busy during summer break.

Here we are all finished, I just popped in a plant and I was ready to gift them to my Mothers!

If you're local to the Shreveport, LA area, you can swing by my booth space located inside Kings Antiques and pick up your favorite color of Country Chic Paint or order them online!

Thank you again for following along with me! I look forward to creating more tutorials for you using Country Chic Paints!

Lots of Love,


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