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DIY Pom-Pom Christmas Wreath

I've been seeing these Pom-Pom Wreaths all over and they looked like something fun to recreate! I thought it would be a nice addition to our Handmade Holidays Series.

They just look like fun, like tons of snowballs assembled into a festive wreath. ❤

So let's get started with what well need!


- (3-4) Skeins of your favorite yarn

- Sharp Scissors

- Clover Brand Pom-Pom Maker

- Wire Wreath Form


- Your Choice of Wood Cutout

- Battery Opperated Fairy lights

First we'll need to make our Pom-Poms. You'll need to make approximately 50, depending on the size wreath you make.

I picked up this Clover Brand Pom-Pom maker at Michael's and it was perfect because, I knew I'd want to make two different size Pom-Poms for my wreath.

Now the instructions were a little unclear, so trusty YouTube came in handy. Anyone else a visual learner like me? I'll do my best to walk you through step by step, however if it's still a bit unclear, then do as I did and watch a video.

So grab your yarn and your Pom-Pom maker and open it up like so.

Your going to wrap your yarn around the two green arms like so. The thicker you wrap it the better your Pom-Pom will look. Once you've done this were ready for the next step.

Close the arms you wrapped and open up the other two are like we did in the first step and repeat on this side. Do not cut your yarn yet.

Now close those arms back up and your tool should look like this.

Now face the tool towards you, you'll see a gap. We're going to cut straight through the gap following the center.

Start cutting making sure your arms don't slide out.

Now cut a piece of yarn about 10" and carefully wrap around in the center.

Tie two knows to secure your Pom-Pom. Make sure it's tight but not tight enough that you break your yarn. Remember to leave the two tied ends on as a tail. We'll need these later on.

Okay now were ready to pull our tool apart and free our Pom-Pom.

Pull both sides of your green arms out, like this.

Now the two white pieces that are sandwiched on either side of our Pom-Pom will need to be pulled apart. You should be left with your Pom-Pom.

Now were ready to give it a haircut and shape it up. The shorter you cut it, the more dense it will appear.

Now remember to keep that tail, because that's what were going to use to tie onto our wreath.

So grab your wire wreath form and lets start building our wreath.

I believe my wreath form is 16" round, but you can use any size you want.

You'll want to start double knotting your Pom-Pom tails on the back of the wreath. Alternating your Pom-Poms every other section. I used only the two inner sections.

You can see here, I started using three different colors of yarn and alternating between the larger and smaller Pom-Poms. Ultimately, I decided later to nix the tan color and stick with just white. I also alternated between a thinner and thicker yarn to have more texture and visual depth.

Use whatever colors and different textures of yarn you like. Completely customize it to your decorating style.

You can see here I added a Merry & Bright wood cutout in the center. I loved the neutrals and how they complemented each other. You could even add a ribbon bow or little bottle brush trees.

I also added a battery operated, fairy string lights by just weaving then around the Pom-Poms to hide the cord.

Have fun and enjoy yourself. It will take a while to complete, this is by no means, a fast project. You could make your Pom-Poms while watching your favorite show.

Thank you for reading our blog! We truely appreciate you! 🤗

Lots of love!

Leigh ❤

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