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DIY Stenciled Furniture

Ever stare a piece, knowing it could be so much better?!?! That's what I thought about this golden pine dresser. Finally an idea popped in my head, why not stencil it! So I went in search of a stencil and came across Royal Design Studio, um yes! They have so many stencils, it's overwhelming. They have small craft sizes, furniture sizes and wall sizes to choose from, not to mention 100's of designs. I bought several, because I couldn't decide which ones I loved the most. You can visit their site here. ⬇️

Now in true Leigh fashion, I didn't get a before picture or any of the process, but it's really easy. You'll be able to complete this in a weekend or less.

I started by applying two coats of Country Chic Paint in the color "Cut A Rug" it's a nice medium grey. Once that was fully dry, I was ready to start on my stencil.

For this piece I choose their folk art stencil. I thought it would make for a perfect children's dresser. I like how this stencil added a little spunk! Royal Designs Studios, also offers detailed instructions on how to use their stencils.

You can purchase this stencil here.

I choose to use a foam roller instead of a stencil brush because I wanted to complete this project quickly. Either method is fine to use though.

Start by laying your stencil centered to your piece. You'll want to load your paint roller with your choice of contrasting paint color. Then once it's loaded you'll want to off load some of the excess paint onto a paper towel. We do this so we don't have to much paint on our roller. If we did, we'd have a lot of bleed through on the edges of the design.

I rolled one coat of Country Chic Paint in the color Simplicity, which is a bright white. You may want to keep some painters tape handy. You may need to secure your stencil from moving while rolling over it with your roller. Roll one section, then reposition your stencil so it slightly overlaps with the design, then roll and repeat. Just take your time and it'll turn out beautifully!

I should also mention I removed the drawer knobs before starting. Once I was done stenciling my design, I gave the whole piece a lite sanding with 220 grit sandpaper. I did this so it would feel smooth to the touch. After I moved all the sanding dust, I finished out the piece with some of Country Chic's Natual Wax, then reinstalled the drawer knobs.

I just love how this project turned out! It was quick and very simple! I bet you're looking all around your home, wondering what you can stencil! 😂 I know I am!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! ❤ Leigh

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