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Handmade Christmas Holiday

One of the best things about the holiday season is taking time to make home baked goods and creating handmade Christmas decor items. So I thought I'd kick off the season with a mini series of what I'd like to call Handmade Holidays!

I remember my first Christmas with my husband, back then we had a very tight budget when it came to decorating. I mean, I literally probably lived in the Dollar Tree and Big Lots! While back then it was more of a priority to save, now 19 years later I still try to save money, but its more fun now. I actually find joy in trying to live a simpler life. Mostly by crafting, while crafting can be expensive, I thought I'd kick our series off with an inexpensive craft to pay homage to my humble beginnings.

So I'm bringing you a inexpensive craft from the Dollar tree. This ornament craft will be $5 or less, and will give you three music sheet ornaments.

Here's what you'll need to purchase from the Dollar Tree and some supplies you may have on hand.

Supply List

- (1) pack of three, 4x6 flat canvases

- Glue or Modpoudge

- Hot glue gun

- (1)Christmas floral pick

- Twine

- Flat paint brush or foam brush

- Scissors

- (3) Printed 4x6 music sheets

- Strong brewed coffee or tea (optional)

This is going to be a simple and quick 30 minute craft. First you'll need to print out three of your favorite Christmas music sheets to size of our 4x6 canvases.

Once you have your music sheets printed out, cut them down to size. If you don't have a printer you could pick up a scrapbook sheet from a craft store.

This next step is optional and entirely depended on the look you want. I decided to brew some coffee to stain my music sheets for an aged look. I soaked them in the strong coffee brew (or strong brewed tea) for about 3 minutes. Once they have soaked lay them out to dry. If you're impatient like me, stick them in your oven on 200° degrees for 5 minute to dry them.

You should have something like this.

Now we're ready for the next step! Grab your Modpouge and spread a thin, even layer out on your canvas with a brush.

Now grab you music sheet and lay it out on the canvas working out any bubbles. I chose not to Modpouge the top of the music sheet because I found it unnecessary.

Now we'll want to take your hot glue gun or any other type of glue you have on hand and secure a piece of twine on the back as our ornament hanger.

Next grab your floral pick and seperate all the pieces. You'll see, I chose to add a little twine at the bottom for something a little extra.

Now get creative and arrange small pieces together to add onto your music sheet. Don't be afraid to cut some if this down for a smaller arrangement. I wrapped with twine and made a little bow.

Now secure it with your hot glue, and voila your done!

Here are a few others I created, all a bit different.

Make as many as you want, they're very cute and so quick and easy! These would make great gifts for friends and family. Use them as a tag for a Christmas gift or attach to a box of handmade cookies and they'll make a fabulous neighbor gift for the christmas season. It's a thoughtful way to let them know you're thinking of them this holiday season. ❤

Heres another one on my tree, this one just has a glitters pine cone added. Simple and rustic!

Now stay tuned, I'll be releasing more posts for my series of Handmade Holidays! I have another handmade ornament from the Dollar Tree, a handmade wreath, and maybe a few family cookie recipes to share with you. If you make these ornaments I'd love if you'd share with me, either here or on my Facebook page.

Happy Thanksgiving & Lots of love,


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