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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

Hey y'all! I finally finished putting up my second tree in in our sunroom! Anyone else feel like it's hard to decorate a skinny tree? 🙈 I won't lie, I redid this one three times. I'm finally happy with it! ❤

I thought I'd share where I picked up all the ornaments, picks and how I go through the creative process setting it up, in case y'all were curious. I generally will pick out a artificial tree with lights, they remind me of Charlie Brown's tree. 😂Mostly because I refuse to pay more than $50 for a tree. So they usually have less branches and that requires more decorating to fill the empty space. I prefer to spend my money on decorations. Of course that's a preference.

⚠️ Search yardsales and facebook Marketplace for inexpensive options.

First, I wrapped the tree with some garland I made from super thick chenille yarn that I made by doing a crochet chain (I used one whole skein). Maybe I'll do a tutorial at a later date, on how to easily make one.

Then I added these, frosted magnolia leaf, picks. These are from Kings Antiques And More, available in Preferred Stocks booth. They were so large, they had five leafs per pick. So I ripped each pick into two sections and kept the length. I placed these by weaving them through the center of the tree and shaped the leafs so they rested nicely around the tree. If the stems are too long, I will bend their wires to they are hidden in the tree. I usually go in a zig-zag patterns so the eye never rests in one place.

Then I added lambs ear picks that I had on hand. Available at Hobby lobby. Some I broke up into smaller pieces and some I left together. These were placed so they rested on the branches. I probably used about 6-8 picks. ⚠️ You'll always need more than you think, so when in doubt buy more. You can always return them or use them for another project.

Next come the ornaments. I started with the larger white thread ornaments since I had more of them than any other ornaments. I placed them evenly around the tree filling the larges empty spots. I bought these last year from Hobby Lobby. I believe there is about 3-4 boxes with of them.

I found these deer ornaments at the Dollar Tree while shopping and fell in love with them. They're adorable and I couldn't believe Dollar Tree had something so nice. So I picked up 6 of them. I added these next and placed them around the tree evenly, filling any gaps.

Next I added these last two ornaments from I had from Hobby Lobby. First the clear plastic with lace were placed on the tree and then the faux crystal ornaments that drape like tinsel.

Lastly came these smaller plastic ornaments. I found these while in Dollar tree. I loved the gold but the glittered white came in the package too. There was six of each color in one package. These were place evenly around starting with the gold and them moving on to the white. After putting the white ones out I decided I loved them in the tree and you can't really tell they are cheap looking.

Well that completes my tree and how I created this look. I'm thinking of making a garland for the fireplace that matches, if I do I'll be sure to share how I create it.

Oh! And the star, almost forgot. She's a bit too tall for the tree topper to fit so I place it in front the tree at the top. I secured the star by wrapping a few branches around it to make sure she snug in case the cats get crazy. 😂

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to give your tree a little makeover.

Lots of love, Leigh ❤

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