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How To Style A Coffee Table

Hello everyone! I hope this Friday finds you healthy and happy! ๐ŸŒž We've been keeping busy doing a few projects around the house as well as prepping to take a bunch of furniture to the store when it reopens. I just completed painting this coffee table in Soree by Country Chic Paint! โค

Because most of us are stuck at home, I thought I'd show you three different ways to style a coffee table. Btw, isn't that color beautiful, it was originally a cherry stain. Isn't it amazing how paint can transform a piece?!?! A light distressing really made those details pop! Okay moving

When I start to build any vignette there are three principles I use. Color, balance of three, and height. Breaking it down this way, will insure your styling will feel beautiful & professional.

Option One:

Now because most of us are home and can't go shopping at our favorite shops, I wanted to give you options. You should have several items laying around your home that should work.

Here I used some of my favorite designer books, stacked with a potted plant. Standing next to them are two candle holders, because we needed a little height and they also create a little balance, next to the plant and books. I finished off the vignette with some beaded garland draped over the books spilling down to the tabletop. Easy peasy right!

Here you can see I used the balance of three with the candle holders, books & plant, as well as the beaded garland. We do this because it keeps the eye flowing rather than staying on one item.

Option Two:

Option two is slightly different, because I choose to corral everything in a tray basket. This is a perfect option to quickly, pick up your display items and have a family night with your favorite board games.

Here I choose the basket as my base, then added a tall white vase with eucalyptus stems. Next I added a few antique green books stacked and two brass candle sticks. Then I finished off with a salvaged spindle resting on top of the books!

*Think outside the box, maybe you can clip a few of your favorite flower or bush trimmings from your garden.

You may have noticed I've stuck with a color theme, I used green, white and wood tones . The reason I do that, is one to keep it all cohesive, and when you're shopping your home you'll be able to quickly find items that work. Two it is also easy on the eye.

Option Three:

Heres our final coffee table vignette, and my favorite setting! ๐Ÿ˜

Here I choose to play with woods and whites. This one of the most easy color combinations. Again I started with a tray base, this time with a circular wood tray. Next I added this rope style basket. Now here's where it gets fun, I tucked antlers, and greenery in the top of the basket. Then because scent can help create a mood just as much as something visually, I added my favorite candle. I love this candle from Swan Creek Candle Co. In the scent French Vanilla Bean. ๐Ÿ’— Then finally, I added that beaded garland to add a little more visual interest.

Here you can see, I went a little heavier on height. You should consider building height with your displays because one it'll keep your eye moving and two nothings more boring than when everything is layed out flat on a table.

Well that's it y'all, wasn't that simple! I bet you've got plenty to play with around your home and you're probably scheming already! I would love to see what you do when you complete your very own coffee table vignette.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! โค

Lots of love, Leigh!

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