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Laundry Room Makeover

If there was ever a room in my home that felt, unorganized and inefficient, it would be my laundry room. It's really more a cubby than a room, which is why it felt chaotic. I mean we store our laundry detergent, our pet food, you name it, it was just all stacked on the washer & dryer. There was always an item or two, that fell behind the washer & dryer, never to be seen again. It was just a sad place!

Here is our before, cleaned out of course. Now we had a few places that were problems for us, one reaching our circuit breaker box and or course we need to shut off the water if there was ever a issue, with the washer. So anything I did to this space needed to be accessible.

You see I never bought those front loader platforms that raise the height of you washer & dryer. I mean back when I bought them, it would have been an additional $300 dollars, I just couldn't justify that at the time. So that means my washer & dryer sit lower exposing the water lines. Not a big deal though! I went to my hubby with my gripes and he drew up something for me that would work.

This is the countertop that he designed. The back riser just lifts off to we can easily access our water line if need be. It also will block items from dropping behind the units. And well because I'm me, I needed to pretty the space up. 😂 We also need to make it function as a multi use space. Once I stained and sealed the countertop, I was off to source my storage pieces as well as a little art and plants to pretty it all up.

This is what it looks like now finished! 😍 I now have space to fold laundry, store our pet food and a few of ther cleaning product. Aside from the wall art nothing is secured to be permanent. I can simply remove the crates and we can access out electrical and water lines.

Now this space is not originally what I envisioned when I started this due to the challenges we encountered. However, I'm very happy with it. It looks beautiful, it's organized and it's now functioning for our family perfectly! Sometimes things don't go as planned, and that's okay, be an optimist and try something different. 😜

I love the vintage style fold and repeat sign, and had to have it for the space! I picked it up and most of these items from Michael's. The glass jars are from Walmart, I store my Oxi-Clean, clothespins, and laundry detergent in them.

To the left of the space, I have these two garbage can style containers. They store our dog & cat food. Our cats are little Houdini's when it comes to getting into their food bin. Having these tucked into the crates has prevented them for getting into them. Plus they're cute and they go perfectly with wash & dry sign mounted above. (Also from Michael's)!

We installed this antique inspired coat rack (available from Hoddy Lobby). I'm sure you noticed I've got black, white and woods going on in here. That's because, I'm repeating my kitchen colors since our laundry space is adjacent to our kitchen. Now when the doors are open it all feels cohesive and flows nicely.

That wraps up my little tour of our laundry makeover! I feel like I need to get one more plant from Michael's before I call it finished, but I'm in love this this space. I now can fold laundry at the washer and dryer, the storage is decorative and functional. I no longer feel like I need to close the laundry doors when company comes over! 🙌

Thank you for taking the time to read all about our laundry makeover. Let me know if you need a source for the items we used or if you have any other questions. ❤

Lots of love, Leigh 😘

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