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Livingroom Makeover

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Y'all, I've been dreaming of this design for so long. Mostly my vision for this livingroom consisted of flanking my fireplace with two couches and two oversized armchairs. I really loved the idea of creating a conversation area and putting the focus on my fireplace. I want my home to feel comfy, welcoming, not some showroom space that everyone feels uncomfortable in or lacks character.

You see, it all started with these IKEA Iktorp slipcover couches, I've wanted them for over ten years. Yes, I know that is crazy, why would you wait that long?!? Well, I promised my husband I would wait until we've moved and could make sure they would fit in our new home. However after much deliberation my husband and I decided to stay in Louisiana indefinitely. So I finally decided to take the plunge and order them. I'm so happy I did! They completely changed the look of my livingroom.

So last year I visited IKEA with my girlfriend, and I must say I'm so glad I went with her, she helped me navigate the store. IKEA is unlike any shopping experience I come to expect from stores. First you'll walk through beautifully staged tiny apartment-homes with fully staged rooms, to a cafe, then the warehouse and finally checkout. It was like walking through a home furnishings amusement park. 😂 So, all that to say, I got to test out the Iktorp couches. They are perfectly comfy! Best of all they're slipcover couches which suits my family perfectly!

With our family of five, two cats and a dog, I need something that can be washed easily. Also, if for some reason, I need to purchase replacement slipcovers I can do so. I actually ordered everything online and had it shipped to my home. This wasn't a quick process since I had to wait 5 weeks for delivery. 😣 I originally wanted the brighter white slipcover couches but my husband talked me into the Lofallet Beige, which I'mso glad he did. It's more of a linen color than I expected, which was a nice surprise.

Here's Ash our male kitty enjoying the new couches.

Once they arrived, we had them place the boxes on our carport so we could assemble them one by one in the house. If you don't ready know, everything from IKEA needs to be assembled, including couches. It was a simple process though, my husband had them all built within two hours. 👏

I'm not going to lie, I measured and I was a little nervous it wouldn't all fit. So I took a leap of faith and ordered two couches and two chairs. I'm so glad I did because they all fit beautifully and worked out just as I imagined. 🙌

So what all did I do to update my living space besides new couches? I ordered a new 9'X12' rug from wayfair, picked up new throw pillows from target and the rest are thrifted finds I already owned or purchased locally. I also wanted to support some of my favorite small business, which I'll talk about a little more, in a bit. ❤

This wall basket is from GoRogueShop. Don't you just love that spiral snake plant in it, I picked him up from Ellis Pottery if your local.

Both mirrors are also from GoRogueShop.

I picked up this wall planter basket, the wood beaded mirror, and wicker mirror from my friend and small business owner, Lauren. Look her up on Instagram, GoRogueShop. All of which are vintage items, so if your looking for some unique finds, make sure you check her out!

I picked up two of these little gold & marble tables from my friend Summer, of "Bullets And Butterflies". I thought they were the perfect size to accommodate more table space without sacrificing valuable floor space. Also pictured is that cute little terracotta plant, I got from another good friend Kathy, of "Southern Lace Decor". Again you can find them all on Instagram or facebook.

We get bunches of evening sun in our livingroom. We love the warm glow it creates. Not to mention my stained glass window gets to shine in that glorious lighting. The stained glass window is another find from my good friends Charles & Kristen, of "Tinker And The Taylor". You can find them on Instagram & Facebook.

Another view of more vintage beauties and some of my plant babies. I have a prayer plant on top on my hutch, and that gorgeous snake plant on my fireplace. I love having potted plants in my home, it adds a pop of color and cleans the air.

The snake plant was gifted from my friend Donna, she use to own Akins Nursery but now runs her booth at Kings Antiques called "The French Stall", you can also find her on Instagram or Facebook. Check her our for garden relics, brass and so much more!

Btw don't mind the unpainted trim work, it's a process and by no means is it all complete or do I have it all together. 😂

Here you can see some more of my basket collection. It's one of my most prized possessions next to my brass collection. I've been working on collecting these baskets for over 10 years now, they can be some of the hardest items to get but when I do, I snap them up! 😍

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my livingroom. ❤

My hope is that if you can take anything from this post, it's that you create a space that's comfy & cozy for your family, surrounded by items you love. And just maybe you'll support your local small businesses, and build relationships with them. Because honestly they're some of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know! 😉 🥰

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Lots of love, Leigh 😘🤗

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