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My Top Five Vintage Favorites

There are so many things I'm looking for when I'm out picking, but there are a few that top my list. BOY OH BOY! It was it a good weekend for me finding just the right pieces. I've been busy trying to pick enough goodies to bring to the Scottish Rite Antique Bazaar coming up next month.

So here are the top five on my list!

Vintage Ironstone pitchers, creamers, and gravy boats are my favorite, they make great floral vases too!

Vintage teacups & saucers

#1. White Ironstone Anything!

As you can see above I found some ironstone! I fell in love with and had to come home with me! The is my number one on my list lately! It is classic, beautiful and usually has a wonderful aged patina.

#2 Stoneware Bowls!

I didn't find many this past weekend, but I did find this beautiful light blue-green bowl. It's on the smaller side but it was an amazing color! I usually look for solid white, blue stripes and brown bowls. Stoneware bowels remind me of my grandmother making cakes and her icing in her kitchen while I visited in the summer. So they will always have a little place in my heart!

#3 Vintage & Antique Green And Amber Bottles!

I've been obsessed with these bottles since last fall. I mean look at these amazing bottles! Just imagine that large wine bottle as a great vase, with a beaded tassel hanging around the neck. I love trying to find the embossed amber ones with writing and designs or with the original labels. They make a stunning display when they are displayed in groupings.

#4 Brass & Metal Decor Items

A little something shiny, to catch the eye. I always look for brass figurines, gold table top frames, flower frogs. That little gold plant mister was just screaming at me to come home with me! The black and white Indian photo was just so unique and with it in the gold frame, it definitely caught my eye with the contrast it created!

#5 Unique Drink-Ware

I'm not going to lie, I have a weakness for vintage juice tumblers! These Opalescent, milk glass tumblers, fit just the bill! They are so unique and I couldn't leave them. I'm usually not into most depression glass but milk glass is a favorite.

That wraps up my top five favorites that I look for when I'm out vintage picking. I'd love to know what your favorites are and why you cherish them!

This was fun sharing my top favorites, I think I'll start a new feature on my blog with my top favorites from our picking trips!

If you're local and would like to purchase some of these vintage finds, I'll have them at next months, Scottish Rite Antique Bazaar, located in downtown Shreveport, LA. We'll have so much more Vintage treasures for you to shop from!

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog post!

XOXO -Leigh

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