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Quick & Easy Framed Christmas Ornaments! 

Most of us are well into decorating for Christmas by now. I've been writing a few blog posts for you on decorating for the holidays. So here's another wonderful Christmas ornament idea. This will be another inexpensive craft and it could be something fun to do with your littles.

Heres your shopping list of materials, some you may have on hand.



-Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

-Paint Brush

-Mini 2x3 Frames from Dollar Tree

-Ribbon of your choice

-Country Chic Chalk Paint

-Stamps (I used IOD Stamps)

-Cardstock or Printer Paper

First we'll need our 2x3 frame from dollar tree, remove the glass and cardboard backing and put aside. Now well need to gather our painting supplies and get painting.

I chose Country Chic Paint in the color Sage Advice. You can chose any color you'd like, we have a wonderful selection in the shop at Kings Antiques. The best thing about Country Chic paints is that they are no VOC's and they're safe for childrens furniture & toys. Perfectly safe to use with our little ones.

You'll want to give your frame two even coats and allowing it to dry between coats.

Once you've applied two coats of paint and its fully dried your welcome to use some sand paper and lightly distress.

Next we'll need to trim a bit of ribbon to make our hanger. I secured the ribbon with hot glue. Make sure you don't glue the cardboard backing to the frame. You make later decide to change out your picture.

Next I decided I wanted to use some of my IOD Stamps. This is the queen bee collection . You can purchase this through Amazon. I'm going to be using the bee and crown for these ornament.

You'll need an acrylic block for these stamps but you could just as easily use other stamps that have a wooden backing. Also you can see I traced out my frame size so that I could keep the stamp centered.

I started off using black ink but decided, I wasn't a fan of the color with the green paint I chose. So I broke out my gold acrylic paint and lightly brushed it over the stamp. Now we're ready to stamp.

Once you completed this step, you'll want to cut out your artwork. Assemble the glass, artwork and backing back together.

Quick and easy right!

Now you could substitute the stamps for a picture of a family member or just print out some artwork from say, Etsy. The possibilites are endless. Make it yours and make it fun!

More Christmas DIY's coming soon so stay tuned for more blog posts. Thank you again for taking the time to read my posts!

Lots of love,

Leigh ❤

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